Being married and having two beautiful children, to me, marriage is a sacred, multi-dimensional and an enduring pledge between two people who are willing to come forth to share, to grow, to love and to cherish their love and life together as one. Your wedding day is so special that you will cherish it for a lifetime.

As a professional Marriage Celebrant, I take pride in being able to deliver a personal touch on your wedding day. I am fluent both in English and Vietnamese so together we can create an intimate and meaningful ceremony whilst maintaining a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to share with your family and friends. We will work together to customise your ceremony to meet your particular needs and requirements.

I have sample ceremonies in English & Vietnamese, quotes and readings to help and assist you in choosing parts that truly reflect your individual style. Your ceremony format can range from simply being just two witnesses, to an elaborate traditional ceremony with both sides of the families and friends.

Please refer to the Services section or contact myself for more information.

Maria Nguyen
Authorise Civil Celebrant

It is important to remember that if your marriage was conducted by the Celebrant less than 1 month waiting period without the prescribed authority’s approval, it can be voided by law.


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